Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is essential to building profits, developing talent, and capturing market share in today’s changing environment. This content area offers insight into the compelling business case for D&I and general information on this topic.


Our D&I infographics combine visuals with facts, statistics and trends on a variety of groups and topics – all delivered through the eye of knowledgeable sources. Digest information quickly with our shareable infographics.


Perhaps no other segment of the economy confronts diversity on as many fronts, or has as many challenges, as healthcare. Explore how the industry is addressing these issues while striving to improve outcomes in diversity management and consumer experience.


Organizations that understand and address gender issues in the workplace are better positioned to attract, retain and engage a significant segment of the population – women. This content area offers information on the general state of women and trends in the gender discourse.

Cultural Competence

Success in today’s multicultural environment requires competence in cross-cultural behavior. Workforce effectiveness, creativity and adaptability are enhanced as cultural competencies are strengthened. Learn about the value and benefits of cultural competence.

Diversity Marketing & Recruiting

As the U.S. becomes more diverse, smart companies are tailoring their marketing efforts to reach different racial and ethnic backgrounds, age groups and lifestyles. Learn about the business case and how companies ensure their competitive advantage in today’s diverse marketplace.

Legal Industry

Advancing diversity within the legal profession, from law schools, law firms, corporations, and the judiciary is an issue receiving ever greater scrutiny, with long-term societal implications. See the latest issues, status and recommendations.

Global Diversity

Global diversity efforts vary by country and region. While most D&I initiatives in the global space focus on gender, efforts to include people with disabilities, LGBT people, and ethnic and religious minorities are also surfacing. Gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of global diversity.

Multigenerational Diversity

Changes are taking place in the workforce at an unprecedented pace, with four distinct generations vying for attention – each with unique needs, approaches and expectations. With an even newer generation on the horizon (Gen Z), it is important to know how to build the best possible organization.


Since the 1990’s, the LGBTQA community has successfully advanced its issues and quest for acceptance to the forefront of social and employment equality initiatives.. Your success in the marketplace may well depend on how well versed and prepared you are to address this burgeoning segment of society.